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Partners in Promoting and Respecting the Rule of Law

A good judiciary is the key to activating and protecting the different laws and freedoms adopted by international conventions, constitutions, and laws, guaranteed to one and all without discrimination. Moreover, a judge is the instrument through which the judicial mission to protect rights and freedoms and promote the rule of law is achieved.

It is this philosophy on which the Judicial Institute of Jordan is based. It is an institution that prepares qualified persons to assume judicial roles, and provides a continuous education approach to judges and parties involved in the judicial process through training courses aimed at developing legal, professional, scientific, and research skills, and keeping abreast of economic and social developments, resultant changes in legislation, and the legal disputes arising from them. The judiciary must remain in-step with these developments and provide levels of qualification to judges that enable them to properly conduct their jobs: the judgment, adjudication, and dissolution of disputes which comes before them, regardless of type or complexity.

Therefore, I can say that role the Jordanian Judicial Institute plays in qualifying and training judges, developing their knowledge, and enabling them to enforce the functions of the Jordanian judiciary is the gateway towards securing justice in the state.

Through this digital portal to the Judicial Institute of Jordan—which we view as an important window to provide information about the institute, highlight its role, and to communicate with relevant parties and to receive observations and suggestions from them—I affirm that we are continuing to strengthen the role played by the Judicial Institute of Jordan and to build upon the important achievements that we have made, without stopping. Indeed, we will continue to exert efforts towards the development of the tools for implementing the institute’s functions to provide judicial cadres with legal professionalism and conscious knowledge of the objective role played by the judiciary in maintaining social stability, cultivating social development, and securing the country’s goal towards social well-being. We will continue to develop the role of the Judicial Institute of Jordan in building and disseminating a legal culture aware of the importance of the rule of law and respect for the guarantees established by the Constitution of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in guaranteeing rights, freedoms, and human dignity. We will continue this process with determination, as partners in the promotion and respect of the rule of law.

Judge Ihssan Barakat

Director of Judicial Institute OF Jordan 

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